Book Work
An exhibition by Kristian Lomath

Book Work showcases the completion of a project that started in 2009 with the tour of the mental health project which began at Creative Tauranga. In the intervening years Kristian has continued to develop and bring the second phase of the work to fruition.

The works incorporate glass and mixed media, and are based upon a set of Encyclopedias Kristian used while living in the country without TV or power. Kristian created stories and imagery from the books to inspire his painting. Each work is like a diary entry of the journey faced by the artist in a process exploring books, both open and closed.
The layering of material with the transparency of glass, ink and white oil paint reflect on the process of painting as well as the intimacy and fragile existence of being and meanings in the work. Subtleties established in these individual works are recorded and may be used as studies for larger works. Each work reflects the environment and is a metaphor for the knowledge the visual world holds for people, particularly artists who utilise imagery on a daily basis.

Book Work can be seen from September 12th to October 2nd, 2012 at Creative Tauranga.