The genesis of these works is to be found where I was living, in the small farmingcommunity of Ngakura, in the North Island

of New Zealand. Here the volcanic geological landscapes and social networks entwine to create and set a dialogue between

the known and unknown ways of the search for knowledge that underlines the sensed environment and its structures of intent and play.

I want people to move through thier form, spaces and colour, get lost in them, allowing the images to unfold the stories within;

to set a ground that can be overlaid and placed or displaced with other stories and sagas that itself knows only too well.

To view Kristian's work click on the pictures below. The work is grouped in format catagories such as

Large, Oval, Round, Historical, 'Smaller' and Panels

Click here for the video on Kristian by Jim Colzato "The Elements of Painting"